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YPIE QuaranTimes Highlighted in Weave: The Social Fabric Newsletter!

Weave: The Social Fabric Project aims to heal America’s deeply divided society and politics by renewing our social norms. The project supports people across the country who are weaving our tattered social fabric by bringing their communities together, forming deep relationships, and serving each other across differences. 

We are honored that our YPIE students were included in the "Weaver News" section of their most recent newsletter as an example of "Weavers have been sharing how they and their communities are showing up for others during the pandemic."

Weaver News

When the world went into lockdown, high school students in Yonkers, NY started a student publication, the YPIE QuaranTimes, to stay connected and highlight one another’s experiences of life during Covid.

* An excerpt from Weave: The Social Fabric Newsletter (10/24/20)

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