YPIE Boards

Board of Directors

Associate Board

The YPIE Associate Board is a group of professionals - including many YPIE alums - from the greater NY area who care about educational equity, provide ongoing feedback to enhance YPIE programs, and represent a pipeline of future nonprofit leaders.

Volunteer Advisory Board

The YPIE Volunteer Advisory Board represents YPIE’s network of 200+ volunteers and assists in meaningfully engaging YPIE volunteers, recruiting new volunteers, and enhancing the YPIE volunteer experience.
Rosanne Aresty

Ed Condon

Anne Curran

Larry Feldman

Linda Forman

Abby Hirsch

Nilesh Jain
Emily Keenan

Lisa Kunstadter​

Anita Nordal

​Elisa Owen
Melissa Rothberg

Marsha Williams

Allison Wohl
We also thank the former YPIE Board of Director Members for their commitment to making a lasting impact on the lives of students in Yonkers.
Alison Lohrfink Blood

Mark Carbone

Joseph Curto

Rosalba Del Vecchio

Susan Delaney

Karen Edmonson

Kenneth Engel

Ed Fergus

Matt Finkle

Anthony Gallinari

Jeff Greenfield

Marion Greenup

Susan Guma
Robert Jandovitz

Curtis Kendrick

Robert Leggio

Alan Litt

Olga Luz Tirado

Anish Nanavaty

Bruno Pietrosanti

David Pope

Marie Rama

Nancy Shenker

Nick Sprayregen, In Memoriam

Potoula Stavropoulos

Michael Yazurlo, In Memoriam