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YPIE Yonkers

YPIE was founded in 2007 to bring innovative solutions to the severely under-resourced Yonkers Public School district. Over the years, YPIE has evolved from its original program focused on college access for 12th-grade students to include college readiness beginning with 9th-grade students and a college persistence component with YPIE students in college.
YPIE currently provides college readiness, access, and persistence services to 1,200 students per year, approximately 25% of the high school students in the Yonkers Public Schools:
  • The third largest school district in NY State with almost 27,000 students
  • 73% of Yonkers students are economically disadvantaged 
  • The ratio of guidance counselors to students is approximately 1:500
  • Diverse ethnicity: 62% Hispanic, 16% Black, 15% White, 5% Asian/Pacific Islander, 2% Multi-Racial
In 2015, YPIE opened an after-school academic space - the YPIE College Zone - to focus on rigorous academics, deep career skill-building, interwoven with social-emotional development and other 21st-century skills. Located in the historic Yonkers Trolley Barn building, the 5,200 square-foot learning facility is easily accessible in Downtown Yonkers.
YPIE also has College Centers located in each of the nine Yonkers public high schools.



YPIE Jersey City

​As of Fall 2023, YPIE has replicated its college success model in Jersey City, New Jersey.  YPIE is partnering with the Jersey City Public Schools to launch YPIE Jersey City, bringing college readiness and access to Jersey City students.   
Jersey City is similar in size and demographics to Yonkers and has an absence of equitable services for students.
  • The third largest school district in NJ with almost 27,000 students
  • 54% of Jersey City students qualify for free/reduced lunch 
  • The ratio of guidance counselors to students is approximately 1:400
  • Diverse ethnicity: 38% Hispanic, 27% Black, and 18% Asian, 15% White, 0.9% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander., 2% Multi-Racial
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See the announcement:   Yonkers Partners In Education (YPIE) Replicates Its College Success Model in Jersey City, New Jersey (July 2023)
YPIE Nashville

For many years, Regeneron has supported YPIE's award-winning Science Research program, through which students conduct original research in science labs and medical settings, participate in science competitions, and earn college credit that prepares them for a future in science. 


Because of this program's success, Regeneron asked YPIE to bring our science research program to Nashville students as part of a major health equity initiative announced October 2023.  We look forward to working with YPIE students in Nashville in fall 2024.  

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