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At YPIE, we believe all young people, regardless of zip code, are entitled to a quality education, and a chance to share their talents with the world.  Join us in helping our students to be on the path to college success.

Current Job Openings

YPIE Director, College Readiness

The YPIE Scholars Program prepares students academically for college and with the life skills needed for college success. We currently seek a Director, College Readiness to:

  • Engage a cohort of students across one or more high schools in Yonkers to provide academic supports, life skills, and mentoring

  • Lead, manage, and coach a team of College Readiness Managers to ensure 100% of YPIE Scholars reach academic and life skills program goals

  • Create an after school environment at the YPIE College Zone conducive to building a community of learners

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YPIE College Readiness Manager

YPIE College Readiness Managers work with students across the Yonkers public high schools to prepare them with the academic and life skills needed for college success.  YPIE College Readiness Managers:

  • Are assigned a cohort of students across one or more high schools in Yonkers and tasked with leveraging an array of academic intervention strategies and resources to ensure 100% of assigned Scholars are engaged and ready for college.

  • Facilitate academically-rooted YPIE Majors in order to foster students’ passions and facilitate academic, socio-emotional, and pre-professional growth for all Scholars.


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YPIE College Advisor

YPIE College Advisors provide comprehensive college access and enrollment services to juniors and seniors YPIE programs to result in student enrollment, persistence, and completion from a 2 or 4-year college.  YPIE College Advisors:

  • Collaborate with administrators and staff from assigned Yonkers high schools to identify, recruit, and onboard eligible YPIE students

  • Provide individualized grade level college guidance to each assigned junior and senior YPIE student, including assessing each student’s college aspirations and goals, creating appropriate/good fit college lists, assistance completing and submitting college applications, and assistance completing financial aid documents and scholarship applications.

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