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YPIE Volunteers change lives...


"...the deep personal connections that are developed between students and adults participating in the YPIE experience will pave the way for students to persist in creating meaningful lives and careers" 

-- Maxine, YPIE Graduation Coach

“YPIE College Essay Coaches are able to use their life experience to open the eyes and minds of students, guide them and encourage them to find paths to express all they have to offer, which leads them to aspire without fear.” 

-- Anne, YPIE Essay Coach

Be part of a community of volunteers ensuring students are on the path to college!

YPIE Essay Coach
Our YPIE students have tremendous stories to share! 

Starting in the summer between junior and senior year and continuing through December, YPIE Essay Coaches provide support to our Scholars and Fellows as they write their college essays, a critical part of the college application process. 
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YPIE Graduation Coach

YPIE Graduation Coaches develop meaningful relationships with Scholars, serve as conduits to broaden their horizons, provide connections to resources to help them reach their potential, and support them through high school graduation.

Graduation Coaches meet with their Scholars two times per month and are provided a curriculum to guide those meetings. 
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Note: YPIE Coach meetings are currently taking place online and in-person.
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