Current Volunteers

"I would like to thank all the volunteers at YPIE, especially Allison, for believing in me, guiding me, and celebrating every accomplishment with me."  --Katherine, YPIE Scholar

Thank You YPIE Volunteers!

See this video of thanks to all YPIE Volunteers, featuring YPIE Scholar Katherine, her mother Katy and Graduation Coach Allison.


YPIE Updates

What's happening for YPIE students this summer?  See what students can participate in!

College Transition Checklist

August Regents

  • The NYS Board of Regents has announced that the August Regents has been canceled.

YPIE Volunteer Resources 

YPIE Guide to Online Meetings
YPIE Student Resources
Join the YPIE Coaches Facebook Group
YPIE Coach Playbook
Online Resources

YPIE Calendars

YPIE Program Calendar
Want to get more involved? Schedule a call with Steve to explore other opportunities.  Thank you!
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