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"I would like to thank all the volunteers at YPIE, especially Allison, for believing in me, guiding me, and celebrating every accomplishment with me."  --Katherine, YPIE Scholar

Welcome new YPIE Graduation Coaches!

Thanks to all our new YPIE Graduation Coaches.  Please see resources for our new coaches:

Current YPIE Graduation Coaches​

Thanks to all who attended our grade level meetings during January.  A few highlights:


12th Grade Coaches
Support your student as they apply for scholarships!


Ask if your student has any college interviews coming up. If they do, please use the YPIE Coach Playbook to help them prepare, including a mock interview.

11th Grade Coaches

Kickoff to College Meetings are happening now. Check in with your YPIE Readiness Manager for details.


Register for one Essay Coach Training Session:

10th Grade Coaches

Life Hack of the Month: Read a book with your YPIE Scholar

  • Pro Tip: Ask your Scholar what they are reading in class and offer to read that book together. This doesn’t add extra work for your Scholar and gives them an opportunity to discuss the book outside of class!

We need your help...

  • We are Recruiting New YPIE Graduation Coaches! Please share this opportunity with those in your network:

  • If you are interested in taking on new Scholars this spring, please let us know! Shout out to the 33 current Coaches who are taking on another Scholar - thank you!

Hear from our YPIE students!


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