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Current Volunteers

We are thinking about all our YPIE volunteers and their families!  


During this time:

  • YPIE Volunteers and Coaches are meeting with their students only by phone or video conference.  Thanks to all our volunteers who are reaching out to their students.
  • Meetings for new YPIE Scholars with their YPIE Graduation Coaches will be rescheduled after we receive more information from the state, county, and school district.

YPIE Volunteer Resources 

YPIE Guide to Online Meetings
YPIE Student Resources
Join the YPIE Coaches Facebook Group
YPIE Coach Playbook
Online Resources

Upcoming Events

March 24th:  YPIE Essay Coach Online Training (Please RSVP)
POSTPONED! March 27th:  YPIE Education Summit featuring Paul Tough 
April 15th: YPIE Online Coffe & Brew for 9th Grade Coaches 

YPIE Calendars

YPIE Coach Calendar 2019-2020
YPIE Program Calendar
Want to get more involved? Schedule a call with Steve to explore other opportunities.  Thank you!