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Regeneron Scientists Inspire YPIE Students During Regeneron Day for Doing Good

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

On September 26th, YPIE welcomed 18 Regeneron scientists as part of Regeneron’s 6th Annual Day for Doing Good to share their insights and experiences with YPIE Science Research students.

YPIE students met in small groups with the scientists and learned about their current roles and career journeys. The scientists offered invaluable guidance on the students’ research projects, preparing for college, and future career opportunities.

One of the questions that many scientists answered was “what advice do you wish someone had given you when you were in high school?”

“The number one thing I wish someone told me when I was your age is when you go to college, get an internship for the summer. See if you like that type of work or not. And, if not, do a different internship to find one you like better,” said Andrew, a Regeneron scientist

“Try new experiences and put yourself out there. They say that ‘growth starts outside of your comfort zone,’” added Regeneron scientist Carlisle. “Whether that's meeting new people, joining a new club, or asking a question that you might have kept to yourself. Push yourself to do these new things because that's how you get to discover new interests, new activities, and grow yourself as a person.”

“Don’t be concerned if your path toward your goals doesn’t look the same as others,” said Nhi.

After students met in groups with the Regeneron scientists, they came back together to reflect on what they learned.

“It’s not always a straight road to find your career. Sometimes, you have to branch out and look at different majors or different options in order to find your way,” said Arriana, YPIE Science Research Scholar.

“As long as you are interested in something, don’t let anything get in your way,” Delaney added.

Our thanks to Regeneron for their generous support of YPIE and to all the volunteers who shared their passion for science and wisdom with YPIE students. Learn more about this program and YPIE students’ impressive research at

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