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Hearing our students’ call for justice

Dear YPIE Family,

We stand in unequivocal support of our students, our community, and all those who are calling for justice. Black Lives Matter. And we also know we need to move beyond words.

Systemic racism is pervasive across so many facets of American life. One place we see that clearly is in our education system. YPIE was founded with the goal of leveling that playing field, but there is more to be done. That’s why we’re looking in the mirror so we can be better for our students and our community.

We start by turning the microphone over to our brave, thoughtful young people. It’s their turn to speak. It’s our turn to listen. Please see their words here in our student publication, the YPIE QuaranTimes Special Edition: Racial Injustice: Overcoming the American Epidemic.

Samuel Wallis

Executive Director, YPIE

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