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YPIE Students Express Heartfelt Appreciation on #ThankYourMentor Day

YPIE is deeply grateful to the large community of dedicated and caring volunteers who make a positive impact on YPIE students during high school and beyond.

On #ThankYourMentorDay, we asked students to share their thoughts on how YPIE mentors make a difference in their lives. We were very touched to receive responses from more than 150 students, sharing heartfelt words about their YPIE coaches.

Hear from a few YPIE students about their Graduation Coaches:

“All my life, I had learned to stay quiet. You are one of the people that gave me a voice. It is thanks to you that I can speak with confidence, and I can never thank you enough for that.” – Asiyah

“I am so incredibly grateful to have you as my graduation coach because you have made the college process less daunting and more achievable. Your honesty and encouragement help me work harder towards my goals.” – Amelia

“I am grateful to have you as my graduation coach because you go above and beyond to make sure not only my academics are good, but also my wellbeing!! Thank you ❤️” – Sabrin

“You have taught me many lessons in general and you helped me significantly in navigating through what I want to accomplish in life.” – Emamoke

“By having a voice of wisdom always by my side, I feel that you will make me a much better person by the end of high school and provide me with so much more opportunities.” – Sebastian

“I am grateful to have you as my Graduation Coach because you are always there for me no matter what. You always listen to my problems and always manage to give me the best advice. You made such an impact in my life and without you, I would've been so lost.” – Natalie

“I am grateful to have you as my Graduation Coach because you have taught me to plant my own seeds…Although the school year is coming to an end, I am grateful that you were the one to help me take those steps that I know will help me in college." – Giana

“I am grateful to have you as my Graduation Coach because I know you’re someone I could go to if I need help with literally anything. You’ve provided me with a sense of support and an endless amount of advice that has all been extremely helpful.” – Naomi

YPIE students shared these thoughts about working with their YPIE Essay Coach:

“Your guidance and knowledge of the writing process was invaluable and I will always be thankful for your help." – Jason

“You were always there to help and gave me the best advice on how to make my essay the best it could be. Thank you for always being there to help me and working with me towards achieving a successful future." – Jessica

“Thank you for the countless hours you have dedicated toward crafting my essay and providing me with a wealth of advice throughout the entire program.” – Nadia

“As the first to go to college in my family I truly thank you so much for making this process easier :)” – Malak

“I am grateful you were my Essay Coach because you helped me create an amazing essay that expresses who I am and the goals I want to accomplish in life.” – Kayla

“I’m eternally grateful that you were my coach because you helped me and believed in me when I didn't even do it myself. You pushed me to be better and above all you became a friend.” – Astrid

“Thank you for all of your insight during my college process. You helped make a stressful and confusing time less daunting, and I appreciate that you always took the time to help me. I will never forget your kindness and patience.” –Jaden

“I am so grateful you were my essay coach. From the beginning, you have made the essay process less stressful just by being there. You were patient with me throughout the process and helped me create an essay I was proud of in the end." -- Natalia

“You are more than an essay coach to me. You are someone I look up to. I am so grateful to have someone who guides me and reassures me throughout this journey” – Malak

“One specific way you helped me with my essay is helping me find my voice through my writing...Your advice helped me gain confidence in my writing, which I am extremely grateful for.” – Emily

We join all YPIE students in expressing our deep gratitude to our YPIE volunteer community for being devoted champions of YPIE students.

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