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YPIE Kicks Off New School Year with Individual Blueprints for All YPIE Scholars

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Everyone learns differently, and every student’s path to reaching their goals is unique. We at YPIE know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to success, and firmly believe that every student deserves a holistic, individualized support system behind them as they pursue their personal goals.

As this academic year begins, YPIE College Readiness Managers will work with each of our 448 students, their families, and their Graduation Coach mentors to develop an individualized learning plan -- a YPIE Blueprint -- for the year and beyond.

In the process of creating their Blueprint, students will reflect on their goals and develop a plan to incorporate YPIE and other supports to empower them on the path to college success. Some students may find that they are struggling in a particular subject and would benefit from participating in a YPIE-facilitated study group or tutoring.

Others may find that they need more opportunities to explore their passion, and might enjoy participating in one of our eight career pathway programs. Still, others may recognize a need for ongoing self-care or deeper community involvement and will be promptly connected to the appropriate people or program(s) within our network of community partners.

Some of the categories included in each of our YPIE Scholars' Blueprint:

As students complete their YPIE Blueprints, they are prompted to recognize each member of their support team -- family, friends, teachers, coaches, mentors -- who will hold them accountable for executing the Blueprint throughout the year. Whatever the necessary combination of opportunities and support systems may be (within YPIE, the school system, and beyond), the YPIE Blueprint will serve as each student’s blueprint for their future, and remind them that they are never alone in this journey.

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