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YPIE Jersey City Hosts Inaugural Spring Showcase: Celebrating Student Achievement in Entrepreneurship and Debate

YPIE Jersey City hosted its inaugural Spring Showcase, an exciting event that provided students with a platform to display their skills and projects developed in their majors: Entrepreneurship and Debate. 

YPIE partners with students to ensure they are ready for, enroll in, and complete college.YPIE Majors program introduces students to career pathways while preparing them for the rigors of college academics.  

Showcasing Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Entrepreneurship major at YPIE empowers students to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, develop innovative ideas, and create their own businesses. At the Spring Showcase, students presented a range of impressive and creative business models, including:

  • Bookstore and Flower Shop Hybrid: A unique business combining the charm of a bookstore with the beauty of a flower shop.

  • Mental Health Safe Space: A small business offering a tranquil environment for individuals to engage in relaxing activities such as journaling or reading, catering to mental health needs.

  • AI Closet: Innovative fashion closet that chooses your outfits based on your personal style.

Mastering the Art of Debate

YPIE’s Debate major trains students in the art of constructing and delivering compelling arguments. 

At the Spring Showcase, YPIE Jersey City students randomly selected a character background and argued why they should be chosen for the last spot in a hypothetical apocalyptic encampment. This exercise showcased their ability to think critically and argue persuasively, impressing the audience with their quick thinking and clever arguments. 

Community and Family Engagement

The Spring Showcase fostered community and family engagement. Students from Lincoln and Dickinson High Schools had the opportunity to mingle, share ideas, and view each other's work. Families were invited to witness their students' achievements firsthand, adding a layer of pride and celebration to the event.

The inaugural YPIE Jersey City Spring Showcase was a resounding success, highlighting the hard work and creativity of YPIE students.  

YPIE programs are free for students. Through the years, YPIE has put a college degree within reach for thousands of students. 

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