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YPIE Hosts First Virtual Graduation Coach Training

“I know the difference that opportunity, mentoring, and nurturing can make in a young person’s life.” - Diane, new YPIE Volunteer

YPIE welcomed nearly 20 new volunteer Graduation Coaches at our first virtual Graduation Coach training. These new Coaches joined a vibrant team of 200+ YPIE Graduation Coaches who are mentors, cheerleaders, and connectors for our students throughout high school. We are so grateful for the time and care they dedicate to our students.

To keep moving forward, YPIE is adapting our volunteer program to meet the needs of students as they attend school remotely and deal with challenges presented by COVID-19. We recognize the importance of the relationship between Graduation Coach and student, and are ensuring that all volunteers have the tools they need to continue building relationships with students remotely.

Incoming Graduation Coaches participated in discussions led by YPIE College Readiness Managers on the three cornerstones of volunteering at YPIE: Listen, Connect, and Coach. YPIE Graduation Coaches were encouraged to listen and build relationships with their students, connect students to opportunities and resources, and coach students to gain crucial skills such as time management, organization, and self-advocacy.

The relationship between YPIE Graduation Coach and YPIE Scholar is quite special, as noted by YPIE Scholar Katherine. “I would like to thank all the volunteers at YPIE for believing in me, guiding me, and celebrating every accomplishment with me.”

If you would like to volunteer at YPIE, visit or contact Steve Cruz, YPIE Director of Volunteer Engagement. We look forward to welcoming you to the YPIE Family.

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