YPIE Scientist: Yoselin

Updated: May 24, 2021

Research: Knowledge, Attitudes, and practice of Medicinal Plants among the community of Yonkers, New York

Mentor: Lauren Southwick

Abstract: Medicinal plants are well-known and widely used for a range of health reasons, ranging from treating mild illnesses to major diseases such as cancer (Škrovánková, 2012). It is crucial to understand the different views on medicinal plants as they could be used as medication replacements in hospitals or households. They can be quicker to get, easier to use, and cheaper. Hence, this study is conducted to assess the different perspectives that the people of Yonkers, New York have on medicinal plants. It was found that the majority of participants in Burka Jato Kebele, a community in West Ethiopia, had a positive attitude and knowledge on medicinal plants (Gari et al., 2013). A QR code will be linked to a questionnaire that includes some questions used in the 2013 study and will be distributed to people of various ethnicities, religions, and genders. The participants will be aged 15 and up. Participants will be chosen at random using the lottery method of recruitment. Finally, multivariate logistic regression analysis would be used to interpret the results. The results are expected to find the percentage of people who have knowledge about medicinal plants and those who do not. The findings are also expected to reveal statistics regarding the participants' various points of view, as well as those that are informed about other alternative medicines besides modern medicine. This research will outline the different perspectives on medicinal plants held by residents of Yonkers, New York, as well as whether or not they are aware of what medicinal plants are and can do.

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