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YPIE Scientist: Samra

Research: Measuring Dietary Habits and the Consumer Patterns of the Community

Mentor: Dacotah

Research Location: Down to Earth Markets


Measuring dietary habits and determining consumer patterns are two extremely essential factors when it comes to public health and market research. It is noticed that there are many health issues rising in low-income populations, especially due to covid-19 which has increased the unemployment rates and because of that the lower-income people are not able to afford a healthy lifestyle. Farmers’ Markets are seen as a sign of rising gentrification in the community. So, it is crucial to find out what the residents feel about their current grocery shopping habits in the community. The first part of the research was to obtain foot traffic from Van Der Donck Park, which determined the gender, the age, the presence of a pet and determined if they have any belongings with them, etc. The next step was to conduct a survey on Microsoft Forms and distribute it among the residents of the zip codes of 10701, 10703, and 10705 through the snowball method of distribution. The survey included 5 sections: introduction, consent, location, demographic information, and grocery habits. Through the survey responses, the grocery habits of the residents were analyzed, and it was found that 28.4% of people strongly agreed to having a Farmers’ Market in their community, 39.4% agreed to having a Farmers’ Market in their community, 51% of the people travel less than 5 miles to buy their groceries, 50% of the people bought their groceries once a week and many other connections were seen. In conclusion, the residents of the community would like to see a Farmers’ Market in their community. Further research includes conducting the survey again after the Farmers’ Market is opened and then making comparisons based on answers before and after the opening of the farmers’ market.

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