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YPIE Scientist: Mia Sahibjan

Research: Solar Powered Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Mentor: Jacob Schofield

Awards: WESEF 2024 - Momentive Solutions for a Sustainable World Award

Research Location: Yonkers, New York


Dissolved oxygen (DO) in the water is a measurement of the amount of oxygen that is available to aquatic life (USGS). Dissolved oxygen (DO) is an important indicator of water quality; a stream's or lake's oxygen levels can reveal a lot about the quality of the water in it. The most commonly used devices for measuring DO are meters with sensors, titration, and colorimetric. These devices aid the observation of DO in water; further emphasizing the importance of monitorization. Contaminants in water can lead to neurological illnesses, reproductive difficulties, and digestive troubles. Older adults, young children, pregnant women, newborns, and individuals with weak immune systems are the groups most susceptible to such illnesses within unkempt rivers (CDC 2018). Studying and monitoring rivers that have been previously contaminated with the use of DO sensors has been efficient and necessary to protect the waters and the inhabitants within the surrounding areas. The idea of creating a Dissolved Oxygen Sensor powered by solar energy that is able to monitor water systems was thought of to optimize the costs of DO Sensors in the industry and make them more accessible to those within areas nearing rivers or any large open body of water to monitor DO in their water systems. Through the months of August to November, the Hudson and Sawmill River’s were used as comparisons to detect if the device worked and showed differences as well as a manufactured DO Sensor being supplied to truly detect the differences. A DO Sensor powered by solar energy could potentially work just as, if not more, accurately than a manufactured DO Sensor.

About this Scientist:

Mia Sahibjan is a senior who is currently pursuing her Diploma at Saunders Trades and Technical High School. She will be pursuing her education in college to major in Civil Engineering during the fall. After college she plans on enrolling in grad school to pursue her masters in Civil Engineering, in order to pursue her dream of working to improve the world and introduce sustainability in a new light.

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