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YPIE Scientist: Gian

Research: Measuring Businesses Attitudes Towards Cybersecurity & Cybercrime

Mentor: Rayshard Thompson


Over recent years many financial institutions have gone under attack by hackers. Such cyberattacks target businesses and often target smaller businesses because of the lack of protection they face when breaching their security. Furthermore, research suggests that those that invest and or focus more on their cybersecurity tend to have better outcomes against attacks. This research aimed to explore business attitudes towards cyber security on a hyper-local level. The way that this research was conducted was by going in-person to businesses or contacting them via email, personal phone number, and through a communications app called Discord and asking them to take a survey that is supposed to measure their attitudes towards cybersecurity and cybercrime. The participants of the survey (n= 52) were asked questions based on the Attitudes Towards Cybersecurity and Cybercrime In Business format (ATC-IB), created by Dr. Hadlington in 2017. After the collection of data was finished and analyzed, two Chi-squared tests were conducted and showed that a null hypothesis cannot be rejected meaning that the ATC scores of businesses are random and there is no clear pattern.

About the Scientist:

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Eilis Klein
Eilis Klein
May 28, 2021

Gian, has recent news of cyberattacks against US infrastructure impacted how you think about this research at all?


May 28, 2021

This is so relevant and interesting, Gian! Excited to see where the research goes. Do you think recent events like the cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline are affecting how people/companies think about cybercrime? -Max

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