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YPIE Scientist: Esmeralda

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Research: The Effects of Air Pollution on Low Vs. High Income

Awards: Somers Science Fair 2022 Participant

Mentor: Ann

Research Location: Sarah Lawrence


Research has shown that children who are born to mothers who deal with economic hardship also exposed during pregnancy at high levels of Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) scored lower on IQ tests at age 5 compared with children born to mothers with greater economic security and less exposure to air pollution. It demonstrates the connection between the amount of air pollution affecting a pregnant woman and her child's IQ from birth to age 7. Neurotoxicology takes place when the exposure to manmade toxic substances alters the normal activity of the nervous system. Teratology is the biological study of birth defects and is used within the research. I’m my research paper I will see the relationship between income and air pollution, seeing how income gets affected by air pollution. I will use an air quality monitor to go around Yonkers with it and see the different types of air quality in different parts if they are different, why? I except to find areas have lower income have hight rates of air pollution. On the other hand have high income areas to result with low rates of air pollution. In conclusion I will find the relationship between air pollution and income, the cause of this relationship, and analyze the affect of said relationship.

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