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YPIE Scientist: Alexander

Research: The Effect of Aloe Vera on Achilles Tendonitis

Awards: Westlake Science Fair 2021 Participant

Mentor: Dr. Yevgeniy Yesilevskiy

Research Location: Columbia University


Achilles Tendonitis is a muscle tear injury due to excessive load or overuse on the tissue connecting the calf muscle and the heel bone. Achilles Tendonitis is a common injury in various categories of sports, especially in running. There are very few treatments for Achilles Tendonitis and surgery is extremely excruciating as well as expensive. The purpose of the research is to discover a method of treatment that can reduce inflammation on the tendon, promote tendon repair processes, and decrease the recovery time. In a 2006 study on the effect of aloe vera application on muscle tendon repair, Dr. Al-Kennany used a total of 12 adult donkeys with incisions on the tendon tissue in order to perform an experiment consisting of an experimental group that applies aloe vera gel and a control group that applies sterile normal saline. This method was checked upon for an interval of 7 days with the results ending in a total of 21 days. The results proved that the group with the application of aloe vera promotes collagen fiber development and fibroblast production faster than the sterline normal saline group. This supported the idea that aloe vera is beneficial in accelerating tendon repair. With this consideration, the design for an instrument that attached to tendon tissue was the objective of the further research. The mechanics were based upon plantar flexion and dorsiflexion movement within the gait cycle. This ultimately triggered the container design of the wedge which would thus disperse the aloe vera gel that was contained inside the instrument onto the tendon. The design would be used by a patient with post surgery in order to display developments within the tendon. The expected results would be to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in tendon repair that would allow the patient to return back to their daily life.

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Eilis Klein
Eilis Klein
May 28, 2021

so interesting!! I like to run and having the proper sneakers is so crucial


May 28, 2021

this is a very cool topic! tell me what shoes to buy! :)

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