The YPIE QuaranTimes Waves Goodbye to 2020 & Welcomes The New Year

Updated: Feb 13

December 24, 2020

Looking Back

Even through the darkness, we have much to be thankful for in 2020.

Nine months ago, the YPIE QuaranTimes was simply an idea. Three of the students in our Journalism major huddled together by video chat in the early weeks of the pandemic, dreaming of a vehicle for YPIE students to connect, share experiences, and highlight the creativity and talent bursting throughout our community.

This week, we have published thirteen issues of the YPIE QuaranTimes. With a staff of contributors and editors numbering nearly 20 students, we are proud of all we have accomplished in 2020, and have no intent of stopping here.

To honor this milestone, we have compiled every word of every issue we have published this year into a word cloud, where the size of each word is relative to its prevalence in these pages. In this publication, we have tackled topics from the effects of COVID-19 on our community to the presidential election, the Black Lives Matter movement to international affairs to our experiences as students in the Yonkers Public Schools during this pandemic.

Please find these reflections of our hard work in the image below:

Looking Ahead

What is one thing you'd like society to keep in mind stepping into 2021?

Today can be better than yesterday.

-Catarina Mendes, Politics Editor & YPIE Scholar 2025

As we leave our previous lifestyles behind in exchange for one that's more technologic and efficient, let's remember to preserve our humanity.

-Shemar Forbes, Director of Communications, Layout Editor, & YPIE Scholar 2025

It's the end of the year, not the end of the world; there is still time to work on yourself and achieve your goals.

-Salamatu Lawal, Editor-in-Chief & YPIE Scholar 2025

As we step into the new year, please continue to listen to the struggles of marginalized communities, amplify their voices, and echo their concerns across the globe.

-Alyssa Lee, Our Voices Heard Editor

One thing I’d like society to keep in mind stepping into 2021, is to leave all negative thoughts and attitudes in 2020 because a new year is beginning.

-Paola Baizan, Regular Contributor & YPIE Scholar 2027

Remember that we all have one common goal, which is to beat this virus -- by protecting ourselves and staying safe we can make a big difference!

-Yismel Castro, Layout Editor & YPIE Scholar 2025

As we step into 2021, it is crucial for society to remember that compassion for other people can go a long way, especially for those enduring harsh conditions.

-Julia Azulay, Entertainment & Lifestyle Editor & YPIE Scholar 2026

If this year has taught the world anything, it's that there are issues we need to tackle and that requires all peoples to work together.

-Mina Romanowski, Secretary, Regular Contributor, & YPIE Scholar 2025

If we can make it through this year, we can make it through anything.

-Vanessa Gentile, Regular Contributor & YPIE Scholar 2026

Remember to treat people with kindness; a small act of compassion can make a big difference!

-Hillary Diaz Castillo, Regular Contributor & YPIE Scholar 2025

Please remember to stay educated and conscious of the world and people around us.

-Natalie Maldonado, Regular Contributor & YPIE Scholar 2025

Don’t give up—you’re one step closer.

-Danielle Yeboah, Regular Contributor & YPIE Scholar 2027

As you come into the new year, keep your head held high and never give up, we all have struggles to face but we are facing one big issue together!

-Raquel Negron, Regular Contributor & YPIE Scholar 2026

See you in January of 2021!

Produced by YPIE’s Journalism major, the YPIE QuaranTimes is a way for YPIE students to connect and share experiences during these unprecedented times. YPIE Scholars are using this time in so many creative, meaningful ways. As such, the YPIE Journalism major hopes to highlight all of the talents in our community through this publication.

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