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YPIE Graduation Coach Job Description

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

YPIE Mission

Yonkers Partners in Education (YPIE) partners with students to ensure they are ready for, enroll in, and complete college. We confront the challenges of a low-income, urban school district by providing families with equitable access to the critical tools and services necessary for college success.

Position Overview

YPIE Graduation Coaches develop meaningful relationships with Scholars, serve as conduits to broaden their horizons, provide connections to resources to help them reach their potential, and support them through high school graduation. Graduation Coaches meet with their Scholars two times per month and are provided a curriculum to guide those meetings.

Graduation Coaches match with YPIE Scholars in 10th grade and will establish a strong foundation for their relationship throughout high school. In 11th grade, a focus on college and career exploration leads to the start of the college application process. In 12th grade, under the supervision of YPIE college advising staff, Graduation Coaches guide scholars through college applications and celebrate their accomplishments upon graduation.

Graduation Coaches meet with their students both in-person (following appropriate Covid protocols) and virtually (video calls) at least once every three weeks. In-person meetings must occur 3-4 times each year, but can occur more frequently. In-person meetings take place at the students’ high schools or at the YPIE College Zone. Meetings may also occur in a public place (such as the library or coffee shop) with parental permission.

Graduation Coach Responsibilities

10th Grade Year

  • Establish a strong relationship based on trust, clear communication, and having fun

  • Practice using active listening skills and providing supportive, honest feedback

  • Provide exposure to new opportunities and experiences outside of school

11th Grade Year

  • Nurture strengths and talents while cultivating post-secondary aspirations

  • Serve as a cheerleader and guide for college exploration

  • Provide exposure to new opportunities and experiences outside of school

12th Grade Year

  • Empower realistic goal-setting and thoughtful decision making

  • Help navigate college application process and celebrate acceptances/graduation

  • Provide exposure to new opportunities and experiences outside of school


  • Sense of humor, positive mindset, and persistent attitude

  • Reflective listening and respectful communication skills

  • Desire to invest in the life of a young person

  • Commitment to a 3-year relationship

  • Ability to attend regularly scheduled YPIE trainings and professional development opportunities

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