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College-Bound Yonkers' Students Receive Dorm Room Essentials from Grad Bag

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

On July 26th, the YPIE College Zone was filled with comforters, pillows, sheets, mattress toppers, lamps, and many other items that will make the dorm rooms for incoming college students from Yonkers feel more like home.

Since 2017, Grad Bag has partnered with Yonkers Partners in Education (YPIE) to celebrate college-bound Yonkers students and ensure they have all they need as they embark on their college journeys.

“This was a really good opportunity, especially for those whose parents can’t spend this money on dorm supplies,” stated Lalainie, an incoming freshman at Penn State. “It gives us a good chance to decorate our room, make it comfortable and a place we would like to live in.”

Grad Bag, an organization that collects and refreshes dorm room essentials, provided items for more than 100 YPIE students. These items are donated by graduating students from six area colleges and recycled by volunteers, providing a sustainable approach to equipping students with much-needed dorm room supplies.

“The success of Grad Bag relies on students giving back to students,” stated Liz Gruber, Co-Founder, Grad Bag, Inc. “We have students who have received items through Grad Bag who are now coming back to donate items for incoming college students.”

YPIE partners with students to ensure they are prepared for college success. Thanks to Grad Bag, these college students, many the first in their families to attend college, feel even more excited and confident as they start their college experience.

“Seeing all the emails my school sent regarding move-in day and purchasing items for my dorm was overwhelming for me and my parents. Knowing that I was able to acquire the necessities I needed for free was reassuring,” said Sarah, an incoming freshman at the University of Buffalo. “I’m extremely thankful to YPIE and Grad Bag for providing students like me with the college essentials to ensure a cozy stay at our school.”

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