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Artist: Jenna

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

YPIE Scholar, 2028

This shows the whole outfit of Kelly. This is the planing page I had when I was making Kelly and what colors should show have. I really like the way it came out. Also, how it shows her true childish and crazy personality, just by looking at her.

This is Kelly, the main character of my comic. Kelly is a hyper Active, easily distracted pre-teen. This is a close-up shot of the character. I wanted to get a better feel on how she should look like.

This is Mr.T. A loving math teacher, but with short patience when it come to his students. Especially when their not paying attention in his class. This is a close-up shot of Mr. T. I really wanted to get the color and look Just right. With a little bit of cartoony flare. This is the ending results.

This is the first page of the comic. It was meant to be read in a fast pace. Even if there not a lot of dialogue, but their is a lot of action. Since this comic take place in a class room, the first page has to be silent. It really later on where it goes into the head of Kelly and how she trying to pay attention. It show, no matter if a person is quiet on the outside, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on in their head.

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