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Artist: Amber

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

About the Artist

Hello everyone! My name is Amber Morales and I’m currently a freshman at Lincoln High School. At an early age, I started to show artistic and creative traits. I’ve been drawing and being imaginative for many years. Creating designs and artwork is one of my escapes from the idealism in society and provides an outlet for self-expression. My art style consists of different mediums and original abstract designs.

-- Amber, YPIE Scholar 2028

About the Project

Tale of Siphon

May 2021

The fictional tale takes place on “Mystical Island” where a fairy, Cindy lived. Cindy had a passion for nature and reading. Throughout the story, she goes through an adventure that changed her life forever. The townsmen rumored of her becoming the next “Guardian of Literature”, since she was very advanced in reading and writing. The “Guardians of Literacy” were dignified and carried power in Mystical Island. Despite all the humors passed in town, Cindy never believed it to be true. Cindy, and her companion, Charles shared the same passion of exploring nature. Charles is Cindys only friend and she confides in him.

The story progresses when Cindy and Charles discover a blockage. Siphon, the deceased spirit who dawned upon Cindy's deserving title as the “Guardian of Literature”. Cindy and Charles go on an adventure to stop the spirit from interfering with the world and to rest peacefully as their time in the world already passed.

Moreover, the story is a fictional piece that portrays two protagonists who are righteous individuals. Overall, the fictional tale displays how envy and jealousy can move someone to commit immoral actions.

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