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Welcome YPIE 12th Graders


YPIE College Visits

Open to all YPIE 12th Grade Students

YPIE College trips are an excellent way to experience life on a college campus and hear directly from college students.

Join YPIE for an upcoming college visit!



YPIE Senior Kickoff!

Open to current YPIE seniors

Please join us at the YPIE College Zone to learn about all the ways we plan to support you this year with your college process. 


Summer Opportunities Database

Information available to anyone

This is a database of summer opportunities for students to peruse. These are NOT YPIE programs -- check out the linked information or program contacts if you have questions.  

Check out the database here


Interested in Joining YPIE?

Open to all YPS 12th Graders

YPIE programming helps you access COLLEGE! We help with college research, college essay writing, financial aid and more.


YPIE Summer Scholars Program

Open to current YPIE Scholars

The YPIE Summer Scholars Program provides a unqiue opportunity for students to identify a challenge in their community, design an innovative solution and conduct field work to transform and connect their community.


YPIE Scholarship 'Week'

Open to all YPIE Scholars & Fellows

Need help applying to scholarships? Could you use an extra set of eyes to help you edit those scholarship essay responses? We are here to help!


YPIE For All

Open to all Yonkers Public Schools seniors

YPIE is offering college process support to students in the Yonkers Public School district, regardless of whether or not they participate in YPIE. You must attend one of the 8 YPS public high schools to participate. Check this page for updates/new opportunities. 


YPIE College Success Summer Program

Open to current YPIE Scholars

The YPIE College Success Program provides students with the guidance and support they need to transition to college and navigate their path through college.


Understanding Your Financial Aid Package

YPIE Seniors

Learn about how to understand your financial aid package and what YPIE resources are available to you. 


Student Advisory Board

Open to current YPIE students

The YPIE Student Advisory Board (SAB) is a group of current YPIE students who wish to deepen their leadership skills, contribute to the evolution of YPIE and represent YPIE to other students and the broader community!

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12th Grade

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