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Student Advisory Board

Student Advisory Board

YPIE Student Advisory Board

The YPIE Student Advisory Board (SAB) is a group of current YPIE students who wish to deepen their leadership skills, contribute to the evolution of YPIE and represent YPIE to other students and the broader community!

Apply here!

YPIE SAB application


Why join?

Resume Building

  • It’ll look great on your resume!

Leadership Development

  • Develop important leadership skills that will serve you well in college and your career!

Meet People

  • Meet other students from across all eight high schools!

Special Events and Experiences

  • Attend fancy events with delicious food!


  • SAB names listed on YPIE’s website and relevant marketing materials

  • Award given at the end of each year to the members of the SAB who demonstrate the most commitment.

For more info, read the full charter here

Apply here!

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