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YPIE Summer Scholars Program

YPIE Summer Scholars Program

Join us this summer!

YPIE Summer Scholars: Y-Zone

Want to impact your community and learn valuable research skills?

Want to help your neighbors get connected to the internet?

Want to earn $15/hour this summer?

Beginning in June of 2021, a group of YPIE Scholars will have the opportunity to earn $15/hour as members of a research and implementation team working to increase internet access for low-income families in Yonkers. 

As part of the Y-Zone project, Scholars will work with YPIE staff and community partners to:

  • Lead research with peers to decide how to best tackle the digital divide in Yonkers

  • Partner with organizations that support the community like the YMCA and Westhab

  • Present your findings to business leaders and university professors

In addition, YPIE Summer Scholars will specialize in one or more of the following areas to increase internet access in our community:

  • Assess internet access issues and identify at-need community members

  • Support outreach efforts and ensure individuals in need connect with free internet

  • Orchestrate followup and distribution of crucial technology to community members

Job Expectations:

  • Meet at the College Zone on Wednesday & Thursday afternoons from 3-6pm beginning on June 17

  • Work additional hours throughout the summer as necessary to implement the project (see calendar below for approximate hours each month)

  • Continue participating in this project one day/week after school through May of 2022

Application deadline - June 10th

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