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YPIE Regeneron Science Research

Complete your own independent science research project as part of the YPIE Regeneron Science Research program!

This program is open to any and all YPIE Scholars who are currently enrolled in their freshman year at any of the high schools in Yonkers.


  • Earn college credits

  • Work with STEM professionals and mentors

  • Carry out your own research project

  • Compete in international science competitions


Annual Symposium

Questions? Contact Jake Schofield, YPIE Regeneron Science Research Director


  • Select a general topic to dig into

  • Narrow down topic to a specific research question

  • Discuss the nature of science, to begin understanding the of science research

  • Begin reading professional research articles, scientific journals, and academic texts.

  • Expand vocabulary and knowledge on a very specific STEM topic

  • Practice collecting and analyzing data as a class

  • Begin writing research reports

    • Four assignments

  • Contact experts in field of interest

  • Find a mentor to work with

  • Present research ideas at a regional conference


Sophomore Summer

During the summer, students should continue refining their projects to fit the feasibility of their circumstances. They should begin to collect research and explore the research techniques available to them under the guidance of their mentors. Students will remain in contact with their teacher throughout the summer. There is a possibility that college credit may be available to students who demonstrated success in their first year of the program.


  • Continue reading and writing research papers

  • Continue practicing professional skills such as: lecturing, slide presentations, poster presentations, professional etiquette skills, etc.

  • Meet regularly and independently with research mentors

  • Develop original experimental procedures

  • Collect data

  • Potential to present preliminary data at local and national competitions

Junior Summer

This summer is a crucial time for success in our research program. It is expected that students dedicate a large majority of time to working on their project. Students should continue to be working under the direction of their mentors. It is during this time that the bulk of data collection will take place. Students should also begin analyzing their results and formatting their project into initial drafts of reports that could be submitted to regional and national competitions. They will remain in contact with their teacher via email.


  • Complete a final and summative research paper for your project. Papers should be in a format that could be professionally published

  • Present completed research at numerous competitions

  • Poster presentations, slideshow presentations

  • Submit to national competitions such as Regeneron STS

  • Plan and present work at end-of-year YPIE symposium

  • Provide guidance and advice to the sophomores entering the program

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