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YPIE Welcomes New and Returning Volunteers at YPIE Coach Training

Nearly 35 new and returning YPIE Graduation Coaches attended a training to build skills for mentoring YPIE students. These new volunteers will be part of the 55 YPIE Graduation Coaches who will be matched with YPIE Scholars in March. We are excited to welcome our new volunteers to the community of over 250 volunteers from Westchester County and beyond who volunteer with YPIE every year.

YPIE Graduation Coaches are paired with 9th grade students to meet one-on-one two times each month for all four years of high school. The goal is to build strong relationships with students, providing coaching and opportunities to students throughout high school.

At the training, YPIE Graduation Coaches participated in group discussions led by YPIE College Readiness Managers on the three cornerstones of being a volunteer at YPIE: Listen, Connect, and Coach.

YPIE Graduation Coaches were encouraged to listen and build relationships with their students, connect students to opportunities and resources, and coach students to gain crucial skills such as time management, organization, and self-advocacy.

When asked why she decided to volunteer with YPIE, one new volunteer commented, “I raised my children in this community and I would like to give what I was able to give to my children to these students that do not have the same resources.”

Steve Cruz, Director of Volunteer Engagement, noted that the process of becoming a YPIE Graduation Coach is “deeply personal - and it’s all about relationships.” Mariana, a YPIE Scholar, demonstrated the strong relationship she has with her Graduation Coach, stating “For every step of the way, I know that I can count on her any day.”

If you would like to volunteer at YPIE, visit or contact Steve Cruz, YPIE Director of Volunteer Engagement. We are deeply grateful for our volunteers and all they do to help our students on the path to college success.

See photos here.

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