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YPIE Team Thanks Superintendent Dr. Edwin M. Quezada

The YPIE team expresses our thanks to Dr. Edwin M. Quezada for his deep commitment to the students of Yonkers and for being our longtime partner in making college a reality for thousands of Yonkers students and their families.

Dr. Quezada has set high expectations for students in the district. He established a college-going culture throughout the district and ensured all students could see a path to higher education in their future.

As the principal at Lincoln High School, Dr. Quezada supported the creation of one of YPIE’s earliest high school-based college centers. His support for YPIE continued when he became Superintendent. Dr. Quezada helped cut the ribbon on the new YPIE College Zone, welcomed new YPIE Scholars at our annual district-wide inductions, and remained a steadfast thought partner sharing our belief in the power of data to measure and improve student outcomes.

YPIE is grateful for Dr. Quezada’s partnership over these many years and honored to call him a friend. We wish him much success in whatever comes next - and whatever that is, we hope he can take some time to exhale and reflect on the enormous difference he has made for students and families in Yonkers.

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