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YPIE Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Technologists, and Journalists Present at Majors Symposiums

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

At the close of a school year far different than anyone could have expected, more than 100 YPIE Scholars from across the Yonkers Public Schools presented in-depth science research, compelling journalism, powerful films, creative new business plans and engineering projects, and many other impressive projects at the YPIE Science Research and Majors Symposiums.

“Through our YPIE Majors, YPIE Scholars develop skills that prepare them for future careers and help them to understand the academic paths to pursue in college to reach those opportunities,” said Sam Wallis, YPIE Executive Director. “It was inspiring to hear from our students during these Symposiums and see their pride in their hard work.”

The 4th Annual YPIE Regeneron Science Research Symposium was held on Thursday, May 27th. Forty students from 10th to 12th grades presented their authentic science research addressing a range of topics, including environmental science, cybersecurity, diabetes, learning, and mental health.

Our students are the heart of this program and it grows every single year. From office spaces to eels, our students have pushed the boundary of knowledge on a huge range of scientific topics,” said Darius, YPIE Science Research Scholar and Teaching Assistant. “Even with the rigorous challenges of the pandemic, our students continued to persevere and conduct college-level research. Personally, I feel that the program has given me many opportunities to excel at my academic and personal life.”

YPIE is very grateful to Regeneron for their generous support of this program. “It is through innovative programs like the YPIE Science Research program and this annual symposium that we, as a science community, come together with a common goal to cultivate and elevate future generations of scientists, the young scientists who will use their scientific powers, their superpowers to improve our world,” stated Potoula Stavropoulos, Regeneron Director of Social Impact.

At our YPIE Spring Majors Symposium on June 2nd, Scholars presented their impressive work from the other YPIE Majors, including Entrepreneurship, Journalism, Debate, Tech Squad, Architecture, Film, Envirothon, Cartooning, and Creative Writing. YPIE Scholars shared their experiences, personal wins, and published work.

A few of many highlights:

  • YPIE Engineers spoke about the redesign of the Yonkers Power Plant originally built in 1907 with unparalleled views of the NYC skyline and the Palisades.

  • The YPIE Tech Squad shared their experiences connecting the senior community in Yonkers with their loved ones during the pandemic.

  • YPIE Journalists presented articles and visual arts they have published in 20 issues of our student-led publication, The YPIE QuaranTimes.

  • The YPIE Debate Team shared how they have learned to present evidence, support their argument, and to defend and attack each side's claims.

  • YPIE Environmentalists highlighted several of the beautiful parks and trails they have explored.

YPIE Majors provide students a unique opportunity to explore their passions and see themselves in professional roles they can pursue in the future. Thank you to the many YPIE partners that make these programs possible. Learn more at

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