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YPIE Recognized at AJC Westchester/Fairfield Annual Thanksgiving Diversity Breakfast

We are very proud that Sam Wallis was recognized on behalf of YPIE at the AJC Westchester/Fairfield Annual Thanksgiving Diversity Breakfast for his commitment to racial and social justice by addressing educational inequities. With nearly 500 attendees, this event was a celebration of our diverse roots and shared values and focused on the theme “And Justice for All” to recognize and affirm equality and justice.

“The Thanksgiving Diversity Breakfast hosted by AJC and evolved in response to the terror attacks on 9/11,” stated Cigden Dogan, Breakfast Co-Chair. “In this sprint, we are committed to celebrating diversity and appreciation for the other. That is how you build bridges of understanding. It is as fitting and as needed as a response today as it was 19 years ago.”

Sam was deeply honored to be recognized along with Catalina Horak, Building One Community and Rev. Erwin Trollinger, Calvary Baptist Church, for their dedication to countering discrimination and breaking down barriers and prejudice.

“When I think about ‘And justice for all,’ I think about the barriers we put in place as a society for our young people,” said Sam. “Our job, as I see it, is to unleash those barriers, unlock them, so that our students can have ‘And justice for all’ and to let their voices be heard. And that's what [YPIE] is committed to and why I'm so proud of what our staff and the huge community of volunteers are doing every day.”

The honoree presentation was followed by facilitated breakout group discussions on the theme “And Justice for all.”

We are deeply grateful to AJC for recognizing Sam and the important work happening at YPIE in support of addressing racial injustice and inequities in education.

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