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YPIE Connects Nearly 300 Yonkers Students with Mentors During “March Matchness”

YPIE Graduation Coaches provide invaluable support to YPIE Scholars from 9th-12th grades “I never had a mentor growing up and I think it's so valuable. I really want to be there for students and help them realize their best selves...they are the future. We need to make sure that we do our part in helping what the future might look like.” --Shanae, new YPIE Graduation Coach After a year of uncertainty and challenging times, the role mentors play for young people has taken on even greater importance. During March, Yonkers Partners in Education (YPIE) connected nearly 300 students with coaches during its annual “March Matchness.” "...the deep personal connections that are developed between students and adults participating in the YPIE experience will pave the way for students to persist in creating meaningful lives and careers.” --Maxine, YPIE Graduation Coach YPIE welcomed more than 100 new Graduation Coaches, who mentor students from 9th to 12th grade and provide invaluable support along with YPIE staff members on students’ path to college. YPIE also has nearly 50 essay coaches who help students with their Common Application Essay, giving students the tools and guidance to help them best tell their individual stories in their college applications. “YPIE College Essay Coaches use their life experience to open the eyes and minds of students, guide them and encourage them to find paths to express all they have to offer, which leads them to aspire without fear.” --Anne, YPIE Essay Coach YPIE Graduation and Essay Coaches are among a community of more than 250 volunteers that make a life-changing impact on high school students across the Yonkers community. YPIE provides curriculum, online training, and the support of staff and peers throughout this volunteer community. As we look toward National Volunteer Month in April, YPIE extends its heartfelt gratitude to all the volunteers that make a profound impact on the lives of Yonkers students. Learn more at

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