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Setting Yonkers Students on a Path to Success in College and Beyond

YPIE and JPMorgan Chase Team Up to Help High Schoolers on their College Journeys

Yonkers Partners in Education (YPIE), which partners with students to ensure they are ready for, enroll in, and complete college, announced today it is receiving funding from JPMorgan Chase to support its comprehensive education, mentoring and job skills preparation


The $15,000 investment will support the YPIE Majors Program and marks the 13th year that JPMorgan Chase is supporting the organization and its work ensuring Yonkers students are prepared for college success. Since 2008, JP Morgan Chase has given more than $500,000 in support of YPIE students.

Through the YPIE Majors Program, students are exposed to different career paths to help them explore their interests and understand the academic path in college to pursue to access those future opportunities. YPIE recruits mentors from a variety of industries including architecture, digital design, and journalism, to share their professional experiences.

The Majors Program ensures students gain college and workforce readiness skills. “With JP Morgan Chase’s support, the YPIE Majors Program will continue preparing students for the jobs of the future,” said Samuel Wallis, executive director, YPIE. “Their long term support has enabled YPIE to serve Yonkers students for decades and provide high quality enrichment programs that prepare them for college and career success.”

“The Majors Program is a critical component of YPIE’s work to help students understand the connection between academics, college and future career opportunities,” said Sharmi Sobhan, executive director, Community Development Banking, Chase. “As a mentor myself, it is incredible to see these students discover what job paths interest them and together with YPIE, help them enroll in college and pursue their goals. JPMorgan Chase is a longstanding YPIE supporter and is invested in their mission to change the lives of young people throughout Yonkers.”

YPIE focuses its work in Yonkers, which is the fourth largest school district in New York state and where 80 percent of high school students qualify for free and reduced lunch. In addition, most of the students served by YPIE are the first in their family to attend college. In 2020, 89 percent of YPIE students enrolled in college and 74 percent of 2017 high school school graduates who enrolled are persisting into their fourth year of college, far outpacing peers not served by the organization.

About Yonkers Partners in Education (YPIE)

YPIE partners with students to ensure they are ready for, enroll in, and complete college. The organization confronts the challenges of a low-income, underfunded school district - the 4th largest in NY State - by providing families with equitable access to the critical tools and services necessary for college success. For 14 years, YPIE has been preparing thousands of students for success in college and the 21st Century workforce and has forged deep ties with the community, the city leaders, and the Yonkers Public Schools. YPIE has grown from a start-up to a fiscally stable nonprofit. Learn more at

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