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Summer Opportunities for Scholars

These frigid temps have us looking forward to summer!  That's why we have chosen a group of Shining Stars who are helping our Scholars find summer opportunities.

Recognizing how important it is for young people to stay engaged in something meaningful during the summer, three motivated YPIE Volunteers (pictured below) made it their mission to create a database of summer opportunities for YPIE students. Organized into three categories: enrichment, volunteer, and job, the database is ready for business. 

YPIE Graduation Coaches Ruth Cowan, Marie Rama and Maxine Sugarman all understood what a valuable resource this database could be for young people who may not have the personal networks to find a summer experience. 

You can help!  We welcome all summer opportunities to add to this database.  Please send any internships, summer program and/or job opportunities to

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