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YPIE Scientist: Manuel Gil Almonte

Updated: Jun 1

Research: Examining Ethnic Bias in Adolescents through the use of the ORE


Race is the social classification of humans based on phenotype and ancestry. Past studies have shown that a person's name may lead to stereotyping and discrimination in various ways. These two concepts are seen in this phenomenon called The Other Race Effect. The Other Race Effect is the occurrence that a person is better at recognizing their own race and ethnicity in comparison to other races and ethnicities. The phenomenon of The Other Race Effect is a phenomenon that's always being studied due to the influence it has in people's lives, and this has led to the discovery  In this study 100 participants were examined to see if the Other Race Effect was prominent in adolescents. It was also tested to see if names played any type of influence when it came to how well someone could remember another person. The survey was conducted on Google Forms, where participants filled out a consent form, giving their consent to be a part of the experiment, and then filled out a survey giving their age and race. After this they studied 16 name and face pairs for over a minute. Once that minute passed I had them take a minute break so it wasn't too fresh. Once this minute passed I had them partake in 2 different phases. In phase one they were shown over 16 faces, some being faces they were shown prior to the phase and the rest being mixer faces that they had never seen before. In phase 2 they were shown 16 face and name pairs similar to phase one which was a mix of the face and name pairs shown before with face and name pairs that had never been seen before. In total I received over 100 participants. From those 100 i grouped all the participants per race and averaged they're percentages out per group. The results show that the Other Race Effect was prominent in adolescents, it being the most prominent in Asians with Asians having an 89% more accurate scoring when it came to Asians faces rather than other racial groups. And the group that the Other Race Effect was seen in was in Latino with an average of more than 50%  for all racial groups . The findings also showed that in most cases names didn't play an influence when it came to memory cognition skills.

About this Scientist:

Manuel Gil Almonte is a Junior who is currently seeking to compete at Wesef Science Research Competition. Outside Science Research he spends his time running track and working as a store associate at Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW). He hopes to one day go to college to pursue a future career in Law.

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