YPIE Scientist: Jireh

Research: Robotic Terrain Adaptability in Foreign Unknown Environments

Mentor: Sireesh Gururaja


Robots are often viewed in two different ways, tele-operated robots that need a human controller and autonomous which navigate on their own. Programming autonomous robots is a difficult task and the situation at hand becomes even more difficult when placing these machines in environments that have obstacles or uneven ground. Even after overcoming these challenges, robots are unable to learn and adapt to different surroundings. This leads to the focus of the research which is to improve terrain adaptability that robots have. In the future, the research will be completed through several algorithms that can compile data and find connections between them. With the abundant use of sensors, the robot will gain the ability to sense what environment it is in and then compute what skills are likely required for navigation. Other researchers have made robots navigate unknown rough terrain, but it was for a specific environment. The expected results of this research is an algorithm that connects similar concepts and builds upon them to create a new idea or skill that allows for a higher success rate in foreign navigation. Furthermore, the ability of a robot to physically adjust to its environment is another expectation for this study. The advancement of autonomous robots will allow for greater navigation of places too dangerous or inaccessible to humans.

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