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YPIE QuaranTimes Volume 4

June 19, 2020

Artwork by Aman Shahzad, YPIE Scholar 2025

In this Issue

  • Thank You

  • What Is It Like to be Essential During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

  • Live Dance Classes are Essential

  • Add These Shows and Movies to Your Watchlist

  • YPIE ACE Program

  • YPIE Regeneron Science Research Program

YPIE QuaranTimes Staff


Salamatu Lawal, Editor-in-Chief

Alyssa Lee, Prompt Editor

Catarina Mendes, Arts Editor

Julia Azulay, Feature Editor

Isabella Rendino, General Editor


Alyssa Lee

Aman Shahzad

Catarina Mendes

Danielle Yeboah

Darius Fernandez

Sofia Vargas- Arcia


Cedony Allen

Welcome to the YPIE QuaranTimes

Produced by YPIE’s Journalism major, the YPIE QuaranTimes is a way for YPIE students to connect and share experiences during these unprecedented times. YPIE Scholars are using this time in so many creative, meaningful ways. As such, the YPIE Journalism major hopes to highlight all of the talents in our community through this publication.

Special Section: What Has Become Essential During this Pandemic?

Thank You

by Danielle Yeboah, YPIE Scholar 2027

What Is It Like to be Essential During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

by Catarina Mendes Scholar 2025 During this pandemic, many in the workforce have been forced to work from home or even have been furloughed or fired due to the harsh economic situation. Exempt from working from home are essential workers, people whose jobs are deemed necessary in order for society to continue functioning properly. One of these essential workers is Magdalena Klodnicka. Magdalena works for the Westchester County Department of Social Services as an Adult Protective Services Social Case Worker. She mainly takes calls from clients, a procedure known as intake, and determines the best possible course of action to take for these clients if necessary. Catarina: “What makes your job essential?” Magdalena: “We serve adults who are vulnerable, which means they are in some sort of situation that can cause harm. So of course these people are not able to help themselves; there are no other family members who can assist them, or friends, neighbors. So it’s essential, because if we don’t provide our services, if we don’t refer them to our agencies that can help, or if we don’t go out there and help them, they may become more sick, or even die, so it’s essential.” Catarina: “How is your workplace protecting you from the potential spread of the virus?” Magdalena: “We have masks that are given out by our supervisors. We have a policy that requires us to wear masks at all times when we are in common areas, especially when we are within six feet of others. We wear gloves also, some people wear gloves, when we touch switches, when we touch common areas. Common areas are disinfected regularly--I think a few times a day--by the cleaning crew. And we practice social distancing. For example, today we had a little get together. My boss brought some sweets, some treats, and we all stayed about six feet apart at a very long table, nobody was close to another person, and we wore masks, just took them off to eat. And also, when we see clients, clients are not allowed to come to our floor, we have to see them downstairs, and we are not getting close to them. They have to stay behind the metal detectors and we are inside, and we just talk. So there is always a safe distance between us and clients. Another thing is that we are not required right now to make home visits. If we do see them, we either wave at them from a distance and conduct interviews on the phone, or if we have to give something to the clients, we drop it off at their doorstep, and take a few steps back and then the client picks it up, so it’s very safe.” Catarina: “So you feel adequately protected?” Magdalena: “Yes. Oh, also, very few workers come to work. So, most people are still working from home, so we are separated, our work stations are separated at least six feet apart or more.” Catarina: “How has the pandemic impacted your work?” Magdalena: “Okay, so first actually I was the only person who came to the office, and my three bosses, so it affected me very much...I was actually a very new worker, I think about a week or two weeks after I started, so I was still very fresh and learning everything [when] the pandemic broke out and most people started working from home. So I had to basically handle the whole office with my bosses, and of course with people who helped from home, but I was there, so I got all the calls, I had to learn very quickly. And we changed procedures, instead of in-person conferences with supervisors, we had phone conferences and transmitted documents via email instead of in person, so it changed some procedures for us, but it also taught me a lot.” Catarina: “Why don’t you work from home?” Magdalena: “Well, first of all, as a new worker, I was asked to come to the office because I’m not experienced enough to do things by myself, to access software and to understand everything, I constantly had to ask a lot of questions because I was so brand new. And also, I agreed to that and I was actually happy to go to the office, because I prefer to work in the office. I can concentrate better and I can ask all the questions, and I have all the software and materials ready, available. I don’t have enough experience to be unsupervised at home yet.” Catarina: “Ok, thank you.” Magdalena: “You’re welcome.” Live Dance Classes are Essential

by Sofia Vargas- Arcia, YPIE Scholar 2026 One thing that has become essential during this pandemic is live dance classes on YouTube where you can learn the dance and submit a video in order to be in the compilation of submissions. For example, I submitted this video and made it into the complete compilation which is now found on YouTube. One person, however, who has become essential during this pandemic would be Jacob Schofield. He has really helped to guide all of the Science Research Scholars, along with myself, in being able to accomplish things we would not be able to accomplish while in quarantine.

Add These Shows and Movies To Your Watch List

by Alyssa Lee, YPIE Scholar 2026

Amidst all this chaos and panic, it has become increasingly difficult to find time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Films and movies happen to be a great way to take your mind off of things and allow you to delve into a world of fantasy. Once quarantine is over, you’ll be well versed in the realm of cinematography, and can even make some recommendations to your friends. Using this time to familiarize yourself with the media allows for massive character development, which is always a plus. Listed below are a few TV shows and movies that are a must-watch:

Outer Banks (Series)

This show takes place on an island divided in half based on the income of the people who live on it. A group of teens from the wrong side unearth a major discovery revealing the truth behind the disappearance of one of the characters’ fathers. John B enlists his friends to help on a quest to find a legendary treasure somehow linked to the disappearance of his father. The teens quickly get caught in a web of secrets that leaves the audience on the edge of their seats throughout all 10 episodes.

Can be found on Netflix- TV-MA

Locke & Key (Series)

After the seemingly unusual murder of their father, the three Locke siblings, as well as their mother, move into the ancestral Keyhouse for a fresh start. The two teens and their little brother soon realize that the house is full of magical keys that somehow explain their father’s death. As they uncover more and more keys, evil forces try to stymie their progress, but some also aid their journey. This series is chock full of twists and turns that you’ll never see coming.

Can be found on Netflix- TV-14

Everything Everything (Film)

An 18-year old teen named Madeline is forced to stay in her home 24/7 due to a rare disease that could kill her if she were to go outside. She is confined to the filtered air and monotony and only has relationships with her mother, nurse, and her nurse’s daughter. When the new neighbor, Olly, moves in, he forms a strong connection with Maddy through texts and gazes out the window. Although she is sick, this doesn’t deter him from wanting to be with her. This leads Maddy to make the decision of a lifetime so that they can be together, even if it means losing everything.

Can be found on Amazon Prime for $2.99 Rated-PG-13

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Series)

A re-imagined, darker version of the fun TV series in the late 90s as well as a spinoff of the Archie comic. In this version, Sabrina must balance her half-human, half-witch lifestyle, whilst standing against the forces of evil that threaten her, her family, and the entire world. This series tackles many modern-day issues such as feminism, LGBTQ+ community rights, and diversity.

Can be found on Netflix- TV-14

I Am Not Okay With This (Series)

Sydney is a teenage girl who has to maneuver through the trials and tribulations of high school while dealing with the sudden suicide of her father. As if matters could not get any worse, she is struggling with her growing sexuality and the awakening of mysterious supernatural powers that only seem to appear when she is overcome with strong emotion. As a teenager who just wants to be normal, all of these things seem to make her life even more complicated. Syd soon realizes this will never be her reality after a huge mistake that she can never take back.

Can be found on Netflix- TV-MA

Call Me By Your Name (Film)

It’s the summer of 1983 in northern Italy, where 17-year old Elio typically spends his days playing classical music, reading, and flirting with his friend Marzia. He enjoys a close relationship with both of his parents. His father is a professor who specializes in Greco-Roman culture, and his mother is a translator. Although Elio is quite gifted when it comes to intellect and sophistication, he lacks experience regarding the affairs of the heart. Every summer, Elio’s father enlists an intern to help him with his project, and this summer marked the arrival of Oliver. Throughout the duration of the summer, Elio and Oliver discover the beauty of desire within each other and create a bond formed by pure love and intoxication that will change their lives forever.

Can be found on Amazon Prime for $2.99- Rated-R

You (Series)

Season 1 takes us on the journey of Joe Goldberg and Guinevere Beck. As the two cross paths, Joe develops an innocent crush that soon turns into an obsession. Through the use of social media and good ol’ stalking, Joe has come to know more about Beck than she even knows about herself. This infatuation drives him to pursue learning every intimate detail about her. As their relationship progresses, he takes the initiative to get rid of every obstacle- including people- that stands in his way.

Can be found on Netflix- TV-MA

The Platform (Film)

A vertical prison with one cell per level. Two people per cell. A platform where food comes down every day for two minutes and one must eat what they can before it descends to the lower levels. The people higher up get first pick and leave the people in the 200+ levels below them desperate and starving. Every month, the levels switch. You can either be at the top, rock bottom, or in the middle. In this hell, it is either eat or be eaten. The inmates must find a way to stay alive for the duration of their sentence until their time is up. A rebellion is brewing.

Can be found on Netflix- TV-MA

Trigger Warning: Blood

The King (Film)

Hal, the defiant young prince, and heir to the throne is crowned King Henry V after the death of his father. Now, he is left to deal with politics in the palace, the war started by his father, and his own emotional ties to his past life. He must dictate the affairs of the kingdom with the assistance of his trusted friend and mentor John Falstaff and navigate between what is important and what are simply the desires of his court.

Can be found on Netflix Rated-R

When They See Us (Series)

A mini-series based on the wrongful conviction of the Central Park 5. In 1989, a jogger was assaulted and raped in New York’s Central Park. Shortly after that, five young black teens were falsely accused and charged with the crime. This series spans a quarter of a century, starting from when the teens are first questioned about the crime in 1989, to their exoneration in 2002, and finally, their settlement reached with New York City in 2014. The portrayal of this true story puts into perspective the faults in our criminal justice system as well as the difficulties of being black in America.

Can be found on Netflix- TV-MA

Spotlight on YPIE Majors

ACE Program

by the YPIE ACE Team

YPIE participated in the ACE Mentorship Program with ACE Mentor Tricia Elms Hanafin. ACE's mission is: to engage, excite, and enlighten high school students to pursue careers in architecture, engineering, and construction through mentoring and to support their continued advancement in the industry.

The ACE Scholars, Team 38, decided to build a school for their project. The idea is they would create a school containing all the elements they felt would enhance the Yonkers students' high school experience. For their end of the year ACE presentation, Team 38 presented a large campus high school located in Yonkers. Given an unlimited budget and unlimited space, the campus will have everything a Yonkers high school student would want to help them have a great 4 years. The presentation highlighted some of the spaces and concepts designed by Team 38.

Please check out the ACE Presentation here. Click on May 19, 2020 – Team 13 and 38. YPIE’s Team 38 begins at minute 22.

Prior to the presentation, ACE students learned about different elements of architecture, construction, and engineering. Students were taken around the College Zone by Engineers from Turner Construction Co, Ralph Edouard, and Glen Craig, and were shown different mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering.

Another Activity Students completed at the YPIE College Zone were spaghetti towers made of spaghetti and marshmallows to learn about structural engineering. Students’ towers were subject to various tests such as an earthquake test to see if they could withstand extreme conditions.

Students also worked on creating blueprints at the College Zone for the high school they wanted to create named Hammer Head High.

Gym Design, by Leah Calellveo

During the quarantine, students have been able to continue to meet and learn remotely. Students have heard from professionals in the field. Two speakers have visited our ACE sessions during quarantine: architect Santiago Rivera and engineer Reggie Thevenin. Students were able to practice and continue creating blueprints in AutoCad.

Name is AutoCad by Nicholas Marji ,YPIE Scholar 2026

The apartment is trying to use the most space and create a nice area to live in with the included tools of AutoCAD and the help of the ACE program by Aaron Arjunelall, YPIE Scholar 2026

The YPIE Regeneron Science Research Program by Darius Fernandez, Scholar 2025

The YPIE Regeneron Science Research Program hosted its third annual symposium on May 28, 2020. There were over 35 projects ranging from music psychology to cellular biology, all done independently by YPIE Scholars coming from various Yonkers high schools. The YPIE Regeneron Science Research Program gives YPIE Scholars an opportunity to participate and complete college-level research on any topic related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This year, instead of going to the College Zone in Downtown Yonkers and being able to walk around to see the beautiful posters that students have worked on for the past year or two, the event was held virtually. Nevertheless, there were over 140 guests who came to support the Science Research Scholars, and all of them were amazed by the presentations. But, this is not just a program to most students. This is a chance for students to explore career options, network with people in their field of interest, and discover who they are.

Sofia Vargas-Arcia, a Sophomore at Yonkers High School, is currently researching non-intrusive, pre-imaging surgical devices to prevent seizures. Sofia had an extremely interesting journey within the Science Research Program. At first, she was interested in doing research related to music and dance. Yet, when she found out that she could research absolutely anything related to science, she decided to do research on seizures. She has personal experience with seizures, so this project truly means a lot to her. “The Science Research program has given me an opportunity to better understand my condition and how it affects my life. It also gives me an opportunity to not only help myself but help others who have this condition.”

This opportunity has helped her understand what she is going through and how to treat her condition. While Sofia has learned a great deal of information related to seizure research, it has also given her a voice. “Through doing my research, I feel that I've gained a voice to advocate for others with my condition and have much more confidence within myself,” she explained. "This program goes far beyond knowing scientific vocabulary and different research methods. It is discovering your voice, gaining professional skills, and learning self-confidence."

Without Regeneron aiding the Science Research Program, students like Sofia and Edalia would not have the opportunity to pursue a field that otherwise they would not have known about. Students like them have been able to assist the community in many ways. Potoula Stavropoulos, Director of Corporate Citizenship, had some beautiful words to say regarding the symposium. “At Regeneron, we believe that science has the power to change the future." Science has such a huge impact on society and how we run our daily lives. Young scientists in our program are vital to leading a new generation of scientific exploration.

"You are the future of science and we believe you all have the potential to be at the center of solutions for our world's most intractable problems...Congratulations to you all and thank you again to YPIE for providing these opportunities for students," Potoula went on to say. The YPIE Regeneron Science Research Program has and continues to complete extraordinary achievements. Without YPIE and Regeneron supporting this program, our students wouldn’t have the opportunity to change the world. A huge thank you to Regeneron for believing and continuing to root for our YPIE Scholars.

Learn more about the YPIE QuaranTimes.

Interested in contributing?  Email or Max Silverman, YPIE QuaranTimes Advisor and Director, College Readiness.

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