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YPIE Celebrates 16 Years of Yonkers Students on the Path to College Success

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

“I envision a future where zip codes do not determine destinies, where talent and determination are the only prerequisites for success. With YPIE, I can imagine a future

where every student, regardless of their background, has the same shot at achieving their dreams and creating their better tomorrow.” --Taijah Pink

On September 21st, in a magically lit room, YPIE celebrated 16 years of partnering with students to ensure they are on the path to college success.

YPIE proudly honored YPIE Board Member Stuart Silverman and his son Max Silverman for their lasting impact on YPIE students, and corporate partner Webster Bank for empowering YPIE students with financial literacy skills.

Stuart Silverman, one of YPIE’s first volunteer graduation coaches, serves as a member of the YPIE Board of Directors. He has led two strategic planning efforts resulting in exciting organizational growth and continues to be a visionary leader for YPIE.

“Your investment in the new generation of diverse and talented young people, like so many students that are here tonight, will pay a lifetime of dividends for all of us,” stated Stuart in his remarks to guests.

Max Silverman started as a volunteer delivering YPIE’s earliest SAT Prep program and later became a staff member overseeing academic and social-emotional interventions for students.

“YPIE is among the few organizations driven by equal parts, data, and humanity,” said Max. “Plenty of organizations talk about making a difference, but YPIE shows up as a partner cultivating conditions for students to rise in all of their brilliance.”

Thanks to Webster Bank, Yonkers students can participate in the YPIE Finance Major to learn about finance, connect with professionals in the field, and explore career pathways for the future.

“Investing in our youth and equipping them with the tools to reach their potential can help them achieve their life goals, pursue a path in finance, and possibly become an intern at Webster to start their career,” shared Marissa Weidner, Webster Bank Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer. “We are grateful to YPIE for making this a reality, and helping us achieve our goal of financial empowerment for all.”

YPIE Alumna Taijah Pink described her journey from high school to her current professional role, and how the support of YPIE and her peers kept her focused on her college aspirations. “This is the power of friendship and community,” said Taijah.

YPIE students enthusiastically shared their projects and experiences with the guests in attendance. The event was held at Sarah Lawrence College with the food of critically acclaimed chef and YPIE friend, Peter Kelly.

YPIE thanks the supporters, volunteers, elected officials, Yonkers Public School leaders, and friends who joined this celebration. With the generous support raised from this gala, YPIE will continue to put college success within reach for thousands of students.

Photo credit: Erik Kantar

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