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Local High School Senior Ensures Yonkers College-Bound Students Have College Dorm Essentials

This event was rewarding because I brought two communities together to help change the world.” – Katie Han with a group of college-bound Yonkers students at the dorm drive she hosted.

Meet Katie Han, a rising senior at Scarsdale High School. Katie recognized that while many students start college with everything they need for their dorm rooms, many do not – especially those from her neighboring community of Yonkers.

Inspired by her family’s longtime commitment to Yonkers Partners in Education (YPIE), a local nonprofit that prepares Yonkers’ students for college success, Katie decided to ensure incoming Yonkers college students will have the items they need as they embark on their college journeys.

When Katie learned that YPIE has offered dorm drives in the past for incoming female college students, she generously offered to host the first YPIE Dorm Drive for college-bound male students. Katie searched the Bed, Bath & Beyond website and created a registry of items that she felt each student would need, then reached out to her community for support. Many of her peers from Scarsdale High School and members of the community quickly responded.

“My vision for creating the YPIE Boys College Dorm Drive developed because I saw a gap and wanted to contribute,” said Katie. “My community supported the YPIE Boys Dorm Drive without hesitation, and the registry was fulfilled in less than a week. At that point, I realized I could collect more donations for next year's YPIE Boys Dorm Drive to include more recipients and items for the dorms.”

On June 28th, Katie organized all the items and created a personal college shopping experience in the YPIE College Zone. Each student selected comforters, towels, shower caddies, desk lamps, and more – and left with bags filled with all they will need to equip their dorm rooms. Katie also generously provided gift cards for each student.

“The dorm drive was something I never experienced before,” stated Randy, an incoming freshman at Skidmore College. “We received a plethora of items for our college dorms. This could not have been done without Katie Han. Her efforts allowed us to receive these items, and for that, I am very thankful to Katie and YPIE.”

The students who participated, many the first in their families to go to college, will attend Cornell, Skidmore College, Trinity College, Union College, SUNY New Paltz, and Villanova College, among others.

As Katie begins her senior year in high school, she also has big plans for next year’s dorm drive.

“I was thrilled to attend the shopping event, meet the recipients, and witness the joy and happiness of the recipients. This event was rewarding because I brought two communities together to help change the world. I plan to make the YPIE Boys Dorm Drive a more significant event next year!”

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