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Food Bank Offers Culinary Program to Scholars

YPIE is proud to continue working with our community partner, the Food Bank for Westchester.  In addition to supplying the YPIE College Zone with much-needed after school snacks, the Food Bank also offers YPIE Scholars an engaging culinary program once per month.  Students have whipped up yogurt parfait, guacamole, no bake cheesecake, wontons, and more!  

Danice Tatosian, the Nutrition Resource Manager from the Food Bank (and also new YPIE Graduation Coach!), guides students through a hands-on food preparation project.  Students walk away from the program not only with a nutritious snack, but also a valuable life skill.  It gives students a huge feeling of accomplishment to take ownership of a recipe from start to finish.  Students also learn about the nutrients that can be found in the ingredients they are working with and the importance of healthy eating.  For many of our students, cooking and food are deeply embedded in culture and family traditions - so it's natural that the program has generated such great interest!  

Thank you to Danice and the Food Bank for Westchester for your support of YPIE's students!

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