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Aspen Institute President and CEO Dan Porterfield Presents How YPIE Counters 5 Myths in Education

We were honored to welcome Aspen Institute President and CEO Dan Porterfield to YPIE for a discussion with organizations and funders who support the social, emotional, and academic well-being of students.

Dan spoke about The Aspen Institute’s focus on engaging, empowering, and educating young people so that they can develop the greatness within themselves. He shared their commitment to excellence in education and addressing the inequities that exist today.

During his presentation, Dan highlighted 5 myths about our education system and how YPIE counters these myths:

  • Myth 1: We can't fix public education.

  • Myth 2: All we have to do is adopt a single silver bullet solution.

  • Myth 3: It would be great to provide more educational opportunities for low-income students, but the talent isn't there.

  • Myth 4: Many lower-income students won't succeed in college because of a block to their development during their childhood.

  • Myth 5: College doesn't offer the value students need today.

Thank you to the Edwin Gould Foundation for sponsoring this event, The Hechinger Report's Meredith Kolodner for moderating our panel discussion, and our generous YPIE supporters that make this work possible.

Most important, we celebrate the thousands of YPIE students who represent the talent and promise of a brighter future.

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