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YPIE Staff Picks for Social Distancing

Thank you for being safe and staying at home!


Here are some ideas for using your time meaningfully during this period:

Academic Games & Study Tools
  • Keep your reading skills sharp with Read to Lead.

  • Share the books you are reading and make a list of books you want to read with GoodReads.

  • Supplement your learning with PBS Learning.

  • Watch a few TED Talks!

  • Learn a new language or brush up your language skills with the Duolingo app.

  • Practice typing and learn song lyrics

  • Practice typing with keybr

  • Comedy shows meant to inform: Caveat.

  • BrainPop is still really fun. 

  • Google Arts & Culture have teamed up with over 500 museums and galleries around the world to bring everyone virtual tours.


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