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YPIE Scholars Present Research Findings on COVID-19 in Yonkers

On Thursday August 6th, our YPIE Summer Scholars presented original research on the effects of COVID-19 in Yonkers. The Summer Scholars researched the pandemic from three different perspectives.

The first group studied the science of COVID-19 and addressed topics such as flattening the curve and the creation of a vaccine. This group recommended that the City of Yonkers continue social distancing measures and mandates to wear a mask.

The second group studied COVID-19 “by the numbers” using data provided by the City of Yonkers. The students conducted a survey that was distributed to Yonkers residents to determine how Yonkers residents use PPE, how many Yonkers residents personally know someone infected with COVID-19, and the number of COVID-19 cases in Yonkers. This group concluded that since the YPIE College Zone is located in the ZIP code with the most cases of COVID-19, it should remain closed until the number of cases significantly decrease. They also advised that schools continue remote learning practices until infection rates go down, and reevaluate this decision in November.

The final group studied the voices of people impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in Yonkers. They conducted interviews with friends and family members to understand the lived experiences of people in Yonkers impacted by the pandemic. This group recommended to continue to stay informed, wear masks, and trust expert recommendations.

We are so proud of our YPIE Scholars for continuing to stay engaged this summer, despite challenges provided by the pandemic. We hope community stakeholders will listen to our students’ recommendations and continue to practice safe distancing measures.

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