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YPIE Hosts Volunteer Summer Sendoff Event

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

“At YPIE, they focus a lot on the individual and understand that every student has a different background and different goals for the future...I would like to thank all the volunteers at YPIE, especially Allison for believing in me, guiding me and celebrating every accomplishment with me.” -- Katherine, YPIE Scholar

On June 4, YPIE organized a Volunteer Summer Sendoff event for our growing body of volunteers who work with students year round. This group of over 100 YPIE Graduation Coaches, Essay Coaches, and tutors have quickly pivoted to support our students remotely through the COVID-19 pandemic, civic unrest, and other unexpected challenges that students have faced in this unprecedented time.

Our YPIE Volunteer Summer Sendoff provided volunteers with resources to support students this summer. YPIE Coaches were given important information on closing out the academic school year, how to help students engage in meaningful work this summer, and how to listen to students as they navigate new financial, emotional, and academic challenges.

YPIE Volunteers had the opportunity to hear from YPIE Scholar Katherine and her mother Katy, who remarked upon the meaningful relationship between Katherine and her YPIE Graduation Coach Allison. Katherine noted that Allison’s support and guidance throughout high school helped Katherine to achieve her dream of attending Cornell University this fall.

YPIE Graduation Coaches who worked with seniors received a personalized thank you note at the after the event recognizing their four-year commitment to keeping students on the path to college.

Thank you to all YPIE Volunteers for the impactful work you do with students throughout the year. We are so lucky to have this dedicated and thoughtful community of mentors for our students.

See video thanking our volunteers and photos from YPIE Volunteer Slideshow.

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