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YPIE Graduation Coaches Change Lives


YPIE Graduation Coaches are matched with one or more Yonkers students in the YPIE Scholars program, who they will mentor through all four years of high school.

YPIE Graduation Coaches will meet online two times per month to guide and motivate their Scholars to stay on track for graduation and help to support their future college and career goals.

In grades 11 and 12, YPIE Graduation Coaches will support Scholars through the college application process including coaching them through the college essay. YPIE will provide a curriculum to YPIE Graduation Coaches to help guide all meetings.

Graduation Coaches will meet with their YPIE Scholar online only at this time. YPIE provides training sessions to help prepare Graduation Coaches for this important role.

Guiding Principles

  • Listen: First and foremost, our Coaches are non-judgmental listeners.

  • Connect: Connect students to different opportunities and resources.

  • Coach: Equip students with the necessary skills to be successful in college and beyond: interview, thank you note, email, time management, self-advocacy, etc.

During meetings with their Scholars, Graduation Coaches will discuss the following:

College Readiness

  • Academics: Help students navigate high school academic requirements

  • Spark Student Passion: Set personal goals and steps needed to accomplish them

  • Competitive Edge: Help Scholars develop critical traits like grit, growth mindset, and curiosity; Help Scholars navigate emotions, and important life skills

College Access

  • College and Career Advising: Classes, credits, Regents, and standardized tests needed to graduate; review report cards, interim reports and class attendance

  • Admissions Prep: The college application process in grades 11 and 12

  • Community service, extracurricular activities, and summer jobs

College Persistence

  • Transitioning: Help Scholars transition from High School to College

Requirements To Become a YPIE Graduation Coach

  • Attend volunteer training sessions (help online at this time)

  • Meet with assigned student(s) at least twice per month (every other week)

  • Stay in contact between sessions and during the summer

  • Attend program events, including annual Coach Kickoffs and Coach Summer Sendoffs and ongoing optional trainings

  • Keep YPIE staff updated on student progress, needs, and concerns

Recruitment and Onboarding Timeline

  • Attend an information session

  • Complete YPIE Graduation Coach Application

  • Complete interview via video conference

  • Complete online background check

  • Attend YPIE Graduation Coach Training via Zoom

  • Matched with YPIE Scholar

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