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Webster/YPIE Finance Lab Featured on News12!

Updated: May 9

Thanks to News12 Westchester for featuring the Webster/YPIE Finance Lab during Financial Literacy Month on April 16th.

Here is an informal transcript of the clip:

A group called Yonkers Partners in Education is highlighting a financial lab they have for students just in time for National Financial Literacy Month.

According to staff members, the lab teaches young people how to be economically empowered. Participants learn about investing, personal finance, the stock market, and much more. It's knowledge that one student says will help her be successful in the future. 

“We'll be able to use this knowledge to not make the wrong financial decisions, and we'll also be able to know more about our personal finance, which is really cool. It's really taught me a lot." -- Amber, YPIE Finance Major Student

The Financial Lab located along Main Street meets after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays with the support of Webster Bank.

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