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Our Impact

YPIE Releases Latest Impact Data:  February 2024

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YPIE 2023 Grads Were More Likely to Enroll in College
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YPIE 2023 Grads Were More Likely to Enroll in a 4-Year College
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YPIE 2022 Grads Were More Likely to Earn a Bachelor's Degree within 6 Years

YPIE actively engages more than 1,300 Students from 9th grade through their 2nd year of college, with the support of 20+ staff members and 230+ volunteers.

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Students from Yonkers
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Students of Color
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Low-income students

YPIE student enrollment in college, 4-year college, and competitive college outpaces similar peers.

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  • 90% of YPIE 2023 Graduates enrolled in college vs. 80% for similar peers

  • 81% of YPIE 2022 Graduates enrolled in 4-Year college vs. 68% for similar peers

  • 27% of YPIE 2022 Graduates enrolled in competitive college vs. 14% for similar peers

YPIE June graduates immediately enrolled in college at a consistently higher rate than the National Student Clearinghouse Low Income School group

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YPIE College Students earned their Bachelor's degree within 6 years at a rate greater than similar peers

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  • 57% of YPIE 2017 graduates earned their Bachelor's Degree in 6 years vs 49% for similar peers.

YPIE students reflect the demographics of the Yonkers community.

1,300+ students from 9th grade to the 2nd year of college
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89% of YPIE students are students of color
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85% of YPIE students are eligible for free or reduced price meals
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Thanks to the Yonkers Public Schools for our strong partnership and data sharing agreement, which allow YPIE to continually evaluate our programs to maximize student impact. 

Unless otherwise specified, data is based on total active YPIE enrollment as of June 2022.

* A 4-Year College as designated by National Student Clearinghouse (NSC).

** A Competitive College is one for whom the admission rate on the most recent US Department of Education College Scorecard is 50% or lower.

*** NSC Low Income High Schools have Free or Reduced Lunch eligibility rates of 50% or more; 80% of YPIE students are eligible for Free or Reduced Lunch.

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