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Our Impact

YPIE Impact Data:  February 2021

YPIE impacts college enrollment and persistence.

College Enrollment and Persistence

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Enroll in College
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Enroll in 4-Year College
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Persist into their
4th year of college

Our YPIE Community

YPIE actively engages more than 1,200+ Students from Yonkers in 9th grade through the 2nd year of college.

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Students of Color
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Low Income students
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YPIE increased 4-year college enrollment to 80% (from 78% in 2019) despite national decreases in enrollment due to COVID.

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Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 10.46.44
86% of YPIE students are students of color
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81% of YPIE students are eligible for free or reduced price meals
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250+ YPIE volunteers making a life changing impact
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Thanks to the Yonkers Public Schools for our strong partnership and data sharing, YPIE can continually evaluate our programs to maximize student impact.

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