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YPIE Majors Career Week

YPIE Majors Career Week

Come check out the YPIE Majors Career Week on Monday, November 20th and Tuesday, Novemeber 21st at 3:30 pm! Professionals in industries connected to YPIE Majors will be at the College Zone each day. All are welcome (even if you are not currently in a Major!)

Monday November 20 - 3:30-4:30

Debate - in person

  • Allison Pincus - Lawyer

Entrepreneurship - in person

  • Ediva Zanker - Founder, GRIT Boxing

Film - in person

  • Helena Holland Breger - Filmmaker

Robotics - join at the College Zone or on zoom

  • Daniela Gomez - User Experience for Marvel

  • Camden Voigt - Software Engineer

  • Ellis - Robotics Engineer

Healthcare - join at the College Zone or on zoom

  • Kianna Blackwood - Nurse and YPIE Graduate 

Tuesday, November 21 - 3:30-4:30

Debate - in person

  • Dan Gomez-Quintero - Marketing, Techtronic Industries 

Entrepreneurship - join at the College Zone or on zoom

  • Lissbeth Larrea Ortiz - Senior P2P Analyst, Pepsico

Finance - in person

  • Chip Wagner, Financial Advisor

Robotics - in person

  • LEARN ABOUT JOINING OUR FIRST ROBOTICS TEAM! YPIE Graduates and FIRST Robotics alumni Aishe Sammader and Jireh Ayertey

Healthcare - in person

  • Holly Parisi - Physical Therapy student

YPIE Majors Career Week
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