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Apply to YPIE College Success

Apply to YPIE College Success

Be a YPIE College Success Student!

The YPIE College Success Program provides students with the guidance and support they need to transition to college and navigate their path through college:

  • College Bridge Program: During the summer between high school and college, a one-week intensive summer initiative provides YPIE Scholars & Fellows the confidence to know they’re prepared to navigate the challenges low-income, first-generation students confront in the first years at college. 

  • College Persistence Coaching: YPIE College Success students are assigned a dedicated College Success Advisor who meets with them monthly, in-person and/or via video chat when necessary, for the first two years of college. During these meetings, advisors help students navigate anything that comes up that could prevent college success.

  • Career Advising: YPIE mentors help students determine a meaningful career path and identify internship and job opportunities.

Join our community of YPIE college students!

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